Training Sessions (Monday 23 - Sunday 29 May 2022)

Posted on August 17, 2021

Here are the training sessions and times for the week:

Monday 23 May: Fartlek, 4pm at the track

Tuesday 24 May: Threshold run, 4pm at Ongley Park (Manawatu Striders Club room entrance)

Wednesday 25 May: Skills and drills, 4pm at the track

Thursday 26 May: Interval training, 4pm at the track.

Friday 27 May: Fartlek, 4pm at the track.

Saturday 28 May: Long reps (distance), special endurance (sprinters), 10am at the track.

Sunday 29 May: Long run (distance), long reps (sprinters), 10am at the track.

If you are unwell, please do not come to training.